For me, photography started as a happy accident.

At the age of 16, I picked up my mom’s camera, put it in automatic mode, and took some photos for a family who wanted that “one Christmas card photo”. One session turned in two, and two turned into 10, and within a year I had a Facebook page and a website. I never aspired to be a photographer, but when I realized there was a need in my community and that I actually had an eye for photography and a passion for working with people, I decided to go all in. I started in 2013 and never looked back! Here I am 7 years later!

I’ve always had an interest in small businesses. Both of my grandpas raised 9 children while being their own boss. They have some of the hardest work ethics I’ve ever seen. One, a grocery store owner for over 40 years, the other, a farmer & rancher. Them, along with my grandmothers and parents, have always taught me the importance of faith, family, and friendships. I value creating trust and a valued experience with my clients. I’m not here to pose you and make you uncomfortable, I’m here to treat you like family and create an experience that feels like home.

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the quick facts

It’s not abnormal for me to say “that’s so cute” as least once during a session. 

I get extremely giddy during golden hour, especially if there’s light filtering through trees.

I'm obsessed with podcasts, especially The Bobby Bones Show! 

I always carry a backup camera in my camera bag (yes, we really do say “beg” in North Dakota).

Need a blanket, chair, umbrella, pair of shoes, or pillow? I’ve got it in my vehicle. 












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fargo, North dakota